A Beginning

So finally a beginning. I’ve put this off for a while for two reasons. Firstly, trying to find the time and prioritise it within the time-poor profession of education.

And secondly, well there are just so many amazing blogs all over the place and many are  done so well. Do I have anything meaningful to add? In any case, I’m sure blogging is as much a personal learning experience as a networked one and I hope to share this journey through this blog as I continue to develop as an educator, making mistakes and search for a better way.

I’m completely convinced that blogging is a powerful professional learning tool. In fact, I first set up this blog during a session I attended by George Couros at the recent CEGSA conference in Adelaide.

Also, two of my colleagues have recently started blogs; Jessica Dubois and Lauren Waller and it has become even more obvious that they are both reflective educators, enabling meaningful conversations and connections to occur from across the globe.

I’ve come to realise that one must beat the perfectionist’s curse; waiting until everything is just ‘perfect’. I have found this a challenge across my life but good intentions without actions will never generate meaningful change.

So, educators are time poor. But the main question from my involvement in Education Changemakers still rings in my ears:  What is my most powerful contribution?

It is often passion that creates powerful contributions. So what am I passionate about? Well, I love languages and linguistics, technology, connecting with students, building capacity and educational leadership. But in the end, I am just totally enamoured with learning.

I try to take my mantra from the great Mahatma Ghandi.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Although I couldn’t claim to live as if it were my last day on Earth (things would inevitably be much more interesting), I do endeavour to embody the latter philosophy.

The context in which I work is highly complex and I hope that through blogging I can come to reflect in a more meaningful way, improving not just the outcomes of the students with whom I work, but also my growth personally and professionally.

11 thoughts on “A Beginning

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  2. Hey Louka. Know what you mean about procrastinating, perfection, time etc. Nevertheless you have a lot to share. You are an inspiring and credible educator and I am looking forward to reading more about your experiences.

  3. Congratulations Louka on diving in the blogging pool. I too began my blogging journey just this year through connection with Tom March and Independent Schools Victoria professional learning. I began my professional learning networking journey with Twitter recently too. Although I’ve worked hard on trying to develop the blog (issue in common = time) I can relate to your reflection re the ‘perfectionist’s curse’. Consequently I’ve been blogging mostly posts that relay ideas from others. I think I have the ‘introvert’s curse’ too 🙂 I’m only just beginning to find a small blogging voice of my own, and starting to contribute some of my own reflections. I would like to develop that voice. Best wishes on your journey! I look forward to following along.

  4. Hi Louka

    Congratulations on your first post. I started blogging at the end of last year for similar reasons.
    I have found it to be a useful tool for reflecting on my own practice and making professional connections.
    I hope you find it useful too.
    I look forward to reading your next post

  5. Hi Louka!
    Congrats on the new job – and great idea starting your blog.
    I agree with the time-poor issue, but I figured if I blog at least once a month at the moment I will be happy.
    Would love to subscribe to your blog to get updates, are you able to add the widget….
    Thanks! and Great start


  6. Hi Louka, I know that I held back for a long time because I wasn’t sure I had anything to share…but since getting started, I can’t believe the connections I’ve made and how my teaching has been transformed. It’s great to connect with you!

  7. Glad to see you are sharing your thoughts Louka. I have connected with you twice and I know that you make a huge difference in the lives of those that you work with directly. The amazing things you do NEED to be shared as to inspire other educators to be better for their students. I am looking forward to your continued reflections in this space.

  8. Hi Louka

    Welcome to blogland 🙂 You guys working in remote areas have so much to share with the rest of us. You are working in completely different environments and I am sure you will have a perspective and take on things that some of us haven’t even considered. I look forward to reading what you share.

  9. Hi Louka, I worked in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory for a number of years. Now I’m an EALD Consultant in the Adelaide Western Regional Office so I’m observing your thoughts with great interest. Best of luck with your work. I found that I was able to learn far more out bush than I think I was able to teach. I wonder whether you’re finding that to be somewhat the case too ?!?!? Cheers,
    Mark Taylor

    • Hi Mark,

      Nice to hear from you. I certainly find I’ve learnt far more than I’ve imparted out in the APY Lands. There is incredibly deep knowledge that exists in these beautiful places and I feel privileged to have worked there (I’m on sabbatical at the moment). The key is to navigate the cultural interface in a way that ensures meaningful connection with culture and identity, whilst building capacity to engage with the rapidly changing world. I don’t think there is any one answer but recognising that you are fundamentally a learning as well as teacher is a great place to start.

      All the best with your work. Hope to bump into you one day in Western Adelaide.


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